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Our Vision

Working towards solutions and providing helpful assistance for diversified needs of each and every individual diagnosed with ASD.

A look at our strategies down the line

  • Being better informed about ASD
  • Having ASD children diagnosed within 24 months
  • Better Treatments
  • Helping people diagnosed with ASD  to lead a meaningful life

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Parents of autistic children have often observed behavioral improvements in their wards when their food intakes are casein-gluten-free.

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What others are saying

I've managed to stay with Autism Times for over a month now. Thanks to their amazing autism screening resources and neatly crafted autism questionnaire suggestions that has made me fall in love with my child all over again.

Annie John

I was introduced to Autism Times a while ago. I could set easy-goals for my children to follow. Autism screening strategies along with a combination of goal setting is what separates the team. Thank you for designing helpful autism checklist for parents and I personally owe you my success.

Olivia Abignale