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Get to know us

About Times of Autism


Our Mission

Our team is dedicated to promoting unique solutions, across the autism spectrum through relentless support and advocacy.

Our mission is to increase the understanding whilst aiming wider acceptance of autistic individuals among masses.

Autism Times enhances lives of many individuals today and is one of the MOST TRUSTED AUTISM PLATFORM.



Our Vision

The Autism Times was founded during early 2017 in the month of February with an aim to provide relentless advocacy in the field of autism. The organization recognizes the need of every individual on ASD.

This has made the organization achieve extraordinary heights in a short span of time since its inception.

Other noteworthy factors that surround our vision are advocacy to have greater access to support and timely care of autistic individuals and autism global awareness.

Working towards solutions and providing helpful assistance for diversified needs of each and every individual diagnosed with ASD

A look at our strategies down the line

  • Being better informed about ASD
  • Having ASD children diagnosed within 24 months
  • Better Treatments
  • Helping people diagnosed on with ASD  to lead a meaningful life

Nevertheless, goals can be achieved effortlessly through effective nationwide community work, working in tandem with global partners and governments. It requires a unique approach that values individual needs and diversity. The organization aims to partner with the ones who share similar ambitions, values and goals.