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Meet the 'Autism Times' team. Our amazing team of Journalists, Editors and News writers who work round the clock to ensure every piece of autism news reaches you ahead of time.

Hi, my name is Ruby Joseph and I am Editor in Chief @ Autism Times. Every piece of article written and published on the site has to go through my desk before it reaches you.

Wondering why?

Because no one other than the one who has an autism diagnosis can understand others who have autism.

I am an autistic and happy to be associated with one of the best leading autism platforms today.

Hey, friends, my name is Samuel Brown. My friends call me Sam. I have joined Autism Times as a senior writer.

I am responsible for curating the content whilst ensuring the accuracy is maintained.

I have a passion to strategize my moves to help autistic children integrate better into the society. I enjoy reaching millions of readers every day and strive to leave a positive impact.

Folks, my name is Lexi Garcia and I am associated with Autism Times as a senior journalist.

Ensuring the right content at the right time is my primary responsibility. I am an aspie and a mother of two young children.

Stay tuned to the website to have a look at the new content and stay ahead of the times. Remember, together we can make a difference!

My name is Emma Dalmayne and I am associated with Autism Times as SME and Specialist Advisor on Autism.

I am an autistic mother and my two children are diagnosed with autism. I tirelessly campaign against autistic mistreatments across the UK. I also lead Autistic Inclusive Meet (AIM) organization in the UK.

You can find my books here

Hi, my name is Isa Jones and I am a journalist with Autism Times.

I am passionate towards autism advocacy and love to be associated with the wonderful team.

If you have any great piece of content to be shared or interesting story to be covered feel free to email me.


Hi, my name is Alfin David and I have joined Autism Times as a writer.

Two things define me

  • I am new to the world of autism advocacy and in complete love with the team
  • My younger brother is recently diagnosed with autism

Thanks for stopping by to read my profile.