[User Opinion]: The Autism Apps that make a HUGE Difference

[User Opinion]: The Autism Apps that make a HUGE Difference

ByRuby Joseph

[User Opinion]: The Autism Apps that make a HUGE Difference

Table of Contents

Premium Apps

1. Touch Chat HD
2. Buzzies
3. Proloquo2Go
4. iCommunicate
5. Pictello
6. EASe Personal Listening Therapy
7. SpeakAll

Free Apps

1. Paint Sparkles Draw
2. ABA Flash Cards and Games
3. Autism Apps

Many of our users request our help in understanding whether a particular app is helpful. As a community working towards the betterment of autistic people, we decided to launch a user-controlled study to get a glimpse of what people love.

We got an overwhelming response and by sharing the results we strongly believe someone out there looking out for information will be benefited to a large extent.

We, at Autism Times, sent out emails to all of our readers and followers to participate in the voluntary research. After going through thousands of responses we are obliged to present the results.

The advancement of technology has been a boon to humanity. With smartphones, came the ease of having everything at a click of a button..

This extensive guide contains *user rated popular apps.

*By user rated we mean, Autism Times users, who have taken part in this helpful endeavor.

On one side, the smartphone market (both Android and IOS) has seen a gigantic spurt in daily helpful apps. The other side of the smartphone market has seen some apps being developed specifically to help cater certain section of people to help them complete tasks with ease.

1. Touch Chat HD


Touch Chat HD crawls to the list of important autism apps worth exploring. What separates the company from its peers is its unique line of products.

Victoria, a user of this app says, “The best thing about this app is the presentation of phrases in the unique form of basic building blocks.”

Surprising enough Touch Chat HD received a good amount of response from our users.

Autism Apps

Platform: IOS | Device: iPhone, iPad | Core Focus Areas: Communication & Speech

A neatly designed app that for children with ADHD, ASD and Down syndrome to help them overcome their language barriers.

2.     Buzzies [THE RISING STAR]

From $135 Onwards

Welcome the new entrant into the app market that has managed to prove itself, in a short span of time, in the world of countless autism apps.

Nevertheless, we too are amazed by the amount of response generated. Almost 65% of the participants have opted for Buzzies in addition to the other apps.

Check Out Buzzies Now!

Buzzies Autism App

Platform: Android, IOS | Device: Android, iPhone, iPad | Core Focus Areas: Stress, Anxiety

Tony Edward says, “I have spent countless years watching my children struggling to sleep. I have spent lots of money going behind things which did not deliver the promised results. However, buzzies for autism reviews helped me nail the right choice.”

Edward further says, “The one thing that separates Buzzies from others is, it does what it says. And I believe this is what makes your investment worthwhile.”

Check Out Buzzies Now!

3. Proloquo2Go


Autistic children often struggle with their communicative abilities. Although speech impairments hinder one’s ability to effectively communicate, many autistics amazingly interpret pictorial representation with unmatched ability.

Hazel Melody, a mother of an autistic child says, “I love the simplicity of the app. It helps my child to construct beautiful sentences by using pictures and symbols.”


Platform: IOS | Device: iPhone, iPad, iPod | Core Focus Areas: Communication & Speech

The app is bundled with rich features:

  • American and British voice accent
  • Helping one to convert their texts to speech
  • Being able to customize the vocabulary set
  • User-friendly customizable interface

If you have not explored this app, it’s the right time to do so!

4. iCommunicate



Platform: IOS | Device: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch | Core Focus Areas: Communication & Organization

An app, known for its unique voice recording capabilities and being a one-stop visual schedule manager shop.

Key Features

  • Ability to have your own voice recorded for boards and pictures
  • Helps to share your interests on social media platforms
  • Text to speech capability
  • Helps the user to use their avatars (pictures)

The tool helps its user to add a plethora of visual schedules using unique customized routines, flash cards, communicative boards and more.

 5. Pictello


Every child, whether autistic or not, loves stories. Stories help children better learn how to effectively manage things.


Platform: IOS | Device: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch | Core Focus Areas: Social Skills

Stories also help triggering one’s imagination.

Sarah Taylor, a mother of two beautiful autistic girls says, “The app does this in a unique way. It assists you in a unique way to add pictures, videos, and collages into interactive stories through its inbuilt mechanism.”

6. EASe Personal Listening Therapy


Autistic children often have complexities that lead them to sudden unintentional outbursts. This helpful app assists children in situations such as these and this makes the app, one of the preferred therapy self-help tools.

Platform: IOS | Device: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch | Core Focus Areas: Sensory Skills & Functional Skills

The app is a must-have to help children learn how to effectively deal with fluctuations in one’s daily environment.

7. SpeakAll


An iPad app accredited to help many of the younger autistic population to overcome their language barriers.


Platform: IOS | Device: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch | Core Focus Areas: Speech and Communication

A look at the key highlights of the SpeakAll app

  • Clean UI that makes it navigation friendly
  • Amazingly accurate in tracking learning statistics
  • Synthetic voice support
  • Multiple language support

A major benefit of this app is you can have multiple users on a single license

Some of the free popular autism apps that our users have voted

1. Paint Sparkles Draw

FREE Download

Autistic kids love colors and colors make them fall in love with themselves each time they are given access to.

Paint Sparkles Draw

Platform: IOS | Device: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch | Core Focus Areas: Coloring and Painting

Go ahead and download this app and you will be amazed looking at your child’s never-seen colorful avatar.

2. ABA Flash Cards and Games

FREE Download

A much-needed skill for every child is to learn how to identify and respond to the emotions flowing in their surroundings.

Platform: IOS | Device: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch | Core Focus Areas: Interactive Games

The app provides a set of varied emotions design to assist an autistic child through well-presented flash cards and interactive games.

3. Autism Apps

FREE Download

This app can come as a handy reference to parents of autistic children.

Platform: IOS | Device: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch | Core Focus Areas: NA

Importantly, it should be noted this app doesn’t do anything; rather it is a compilation of popular autism apps that one may find useful.

Do you use any other autism app that you believe, is worth mentioning? Feel free to share your thoughts by commenting in the comment box below.

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