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Is test for autism your next step?

ByRuby Joseph

Is test for autism your next step?

Have you been wondering what test for autism is? Or, are you looking for some quick ways to understand the symptoms surrounding the condition?

Test for Autism

Before we dig deeper, let us understand:

What test for autism is?

It is a test with a unique set of questionnaire to help people understand the condition. It not only educates about the symptoms but also helps understand various scenarios together with concerns put forward by parents.

In other words, the test for autism is a concept that addresses parental concerns with an in-depth analysis.


At times, there are also instances where it would be difficult to identify the symptoms as not everybody exhibits similar traits. Some children might possess a good level of intelligence while on the other hand, other children may have developmental delays.

Thus, test for autism is designed in a way to grade the probable risk of a child being on the spectrum.

Important note: Although helpful, these tests are meant to act as reference only. If you find the test grades worrisome, it is always advisable to consult your doctor.

Occurrence of the Condition

Multiple factors play a role in the occurrence of autism condition rather than one single factor. The symptoms can be noticed during the initial few months and progressively establish after 24 months of a child’s age.

Are there any signs of autism that you as a parent can be watchful for?

Although no two individuals can have similar set of symptoms, there are few things that parents can look out for.

Some early markers include:

  • Avoiding eye contact
  • Not showing gestures
  • Not cooing by one year of age
  • Unresponsive when called by name
  • Not speaking any words by 24 months

As the child grows up, one might notice s/he has:

  • Difficulty in striking a friendship chord
  • Difficulty in maintaining friendship
  • Avoiding peer chit-chats

Also, the development of speaking skills might slow down to a considerable extent when compared to other kids of similar ages.

Did you know autistic children love to play as much as other children? Thus, with the right intervention programs, one can help them to gradually adapt to their surroundings.

Also, it is equally interesting to note how children on the spectrum develop a special attachment to their caregivers.

Together with intervention programs children can learn how to be independent, with the necessary care, for a better tomorrow.

Miscellaneous Behaviors

Have you come across any instance where children with autism stand needlessly blamed for their aggressive and violent behavior? The overly aggressive and violent behavior is not only contradictory but also exaggerated to a certain extent.

Further, it is true, there are two sides of a coin and autistic people, similar to their other peers, are no different.

Parallel to the above test, ADHD test also helps one to understand the simpler yet underrated concepts such as these.

Is test for autism your next step?
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Is test for autism your next step?
Children with autism stand needlessly blamed for their behaviors. This article sheds list if a test for autism should be your next step.
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