Learning the Signs - Times of Autism

Learning the Signs

The severity and timing of autism symptoms are unique and vary for each individual. On one hand, there are some autistic children who show obvious signs of underlying symptoms during their first few months while on the other hand symptoms are seen not to be obvious for as long as 24 months of a child’s age.

Few children diagnosed with autism are seen to develop normally until two years/24 months of age and they tend to lose any/all of their skills without obvious signals.

Nevertheless, there are some of the ‘Red Flags,’ which one can use to understand if a child risks being diagnosed with autism.

Further, it should always be noted that children displaying some of the signs of being autistic should not be taken as a final conclusion.

If you find yourself being in a dilemma after you have completed reading this insightful guide, it is highly advisable to schedule an appointment with a doctor for further evaluation.

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A look at some of the possible autism signs in toddlers and babies

 During First 6 Months

  • Displaying no obvious social signals such as smiles and gestures
  • Displaying limited eye contact

By 9 Months

  • Missing vocal sounds and having limited nonverbal communication

By 12 Months

  • Missing childhood babbles
  • Missing gestural signs (For example Reaching, Pointing etc)
  • Not responding when their name is called out

By 16 Months

  • No single or meaningful words

By 24 Months

  • Loss of previously acquired skills such as speech

Other signs that indicate autism symptoms at any age

  • Avoiding proper eye contacts and preferring to be left alone
  • Struggling to understand others
  • Repeating words monotonously
  • Being upset by minor things
  • Restricted interests
  • Unusual reactions to smells, sounds, colors etc