Screening - Times of Autism


Did learning the signs in the previous section left you concerned? It is highly advisable to schedule an appointment with a qualified healthcare professional to have your child screened.

Did you know, American Academy of Paediatrics recommends having each and every child screened post attaining 18 months and 24 months of age!

However, there are no hard and fast rules and you can request your doctor to have your child screened for autism symptoms any time.

It should be noted at all times, having a screening done does not necessarily mean an individual has to be diagnosed with autism. Rather, the screening is seen to be a prior analysis for detecting the underlying ‘red signals.’

Post results and checking the seriousness of the underlying conditions, if any, your doctor might decide if referring your child to a specialist is necessary. A specialist will perform a full/complete diagnostic evaluation.

Further, you do not have to wait to start receiving helpful services while your diagnosis report is awaited. You enjoy the benefit of accessing timely services while you wait to get your completed evaluation results.

Note: Whether a child is diagnosed with autism or not, he/she has access to Federal Mandate Services should screening reports identify challenges in learning or developmental delays.

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