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Isa Jones ByIsa Jones

Can your smoking grandma be responsible for your autism?

The latest study aims to decode a link between smoking habits of grandmother’s and their autistic grandchildren in a bid to uncover more information underlying autism symptoms.
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Ruby Joseph ByRuby Joseph

How School Experiences Can Affect Tomorrow’s Autistic Adults

A negative school experience can end up with harmful effects on youngsters who are autistic, a recent study has revealed.

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Alfin David ByAlfin David

Decoding the Underlying Link between Autism and Preeclampsia

In one of the recent studies, researchers have observed offspring being twice likely at a risk of being born with ASD to mothers with preeclampsia during their pregnancy phase. Researchers strongly believe there is an underlying link between the two, autism and preeclampsia.

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Samuel Brown BySamuel Brown

Why Early Autism Diagnosis Needs to be Given a Prior Importance

Earlier a child is subjected to diagnosis, better are the chances for them to respond. As per a recent study conducted to understand the underlying benefits of earlier diagnosis, parents can play a critical role in having their child diagnosed at the earliest instance.
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